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Press Room

  Dr. Tanushree Luke to join BitVoyant leadership as Chief Data Scientist and Head of Advanced Analytics - Aug. 10, 2016

  K2 Intelligence Announces Partnership with BitVoyant - May 18, 2016

  BitVoyant appoints Jared Novick as CEO - Aug. 4, 2015

Dr. Tanushree Luke to join BitVoyant leadership as Chief Data Scientist and Head of Advanced Analytics

Aug 10, 2016, 10:17 ET from BitVoyant

ALEXANDRIA, VA., Aug. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BitVoyant announces the appointment of Dr. Tanushree Luke as Chief Data Scientist and Head of Advanced Analytics. In this role, Dr. Luke will be responsible for expanding BitVoyant’s intelligence analytics and discovering additional value across both cyber defense and business intelligence data.

Dr. Luke brings commercial, governmental and academic experience in machine learning, data science, advanced analytics and cyber/network defense. Prior to BitVoyant, Dr. Luke served as the Technical Lead for the Department of Defense/DARPA Network Defense Program, where she was responsible for accelerating and transitioning capabilities and optimizing mission critical information.


“Dr. Luke is going to move the needle for our company. Her expertise and thought leadership will drive our analytics and give justice to the wealth of data we have,” said Jared Novick, Chief Executive Officer of BitVoyant. “From designing and leading advanced discovery analytics, to navigating the sophisticated data security concerns, Tanu’s addition to our team delivers significant enhancements to our solutions portfolio.”

"I am thrilled to be joining the incredible BitVoyant team,” said Dr. Luke. "BitVoyant is on the forefront of proactive network defense and business intelligence. We’re taking the traditional boundary understanding that network engineers are familiar with, and turning it on its head. With the use of cutting edge analytics and BitVoyant’s vast proprietary intelligence data, we’re positioned to deliver unrivaled insights in real-time and at internet scale.”

Dr. Luke is an expert in Data Science and Network Defense, having earned her PhD in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics and M.S. in Physics and Applied Engineering from George Mason University. She will be based in Rosslyn, Virginia.

About BitVoyant

BitVoyant is a provider of cyber-derived intelligence and proactive defense solutions. BitVoyant provides commercial information from their global sensor network to deliver competitive intelligence, proactive cyber defense, counter-party risk assessments, and supply chain analysis. BitVoyant supports the Fortune 100, law-firms, private equity groups, insurance underwriters and market-intelligence firms. BitVoyant's offices are headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia.

K2 Intelligence Announces Partnership with BitVoyant

Partnership combines massive proprietary cyber datasets with leading cyber defense and corporate investigations expertise
May 18, 2016, 09:00 ET from K2 Intelligence

NEW YORK, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading cyber defense, investigative, and compliance services firm, and BitVoyant, a cyber intelligence services company, today announced a new partnership to co-develop cyber-derived business intelligence products and defense services based on massive proprietary cyber datasets.

K2 Intelligence, known for its investigative excellence, will integrate BitVoyant's expansive datasets to provide defensive cyber products and services. These products and services will deliver the ability to map multiple layers of risk across an enterprise, its vendors and partners; advise clients requiring cyber M&A due diligence; and help to inform cyber insurance underwriting.

"We are in a new phase of the cyber battle, where companies can no longer operate in the dark without the necessary intelligence to stay ahead of advanced threats," said Jeremy Kroll, President and Chief Executive Officer at K2 Intelligence. "BitVoyant's valuable datasets in conjunction with our stellar cyber defense team and investigative strength, will provide clients with the information they need to make better business decisions and create stronger defense strategies."

"Proprietary cyber information is the foundation of our partnership with BitVoyant, synergizing traditional business, Dark Web, and network intelligence," said Austin Berglas, Senior Managing Director and Head of Cyber Defense at K2 Intelligence. "The applications of this information are larger than just defense. This enhanced cyber due diligence offering will provide a thorough risk analysis to protect enterprises against threats lurking in potential deals and partnerships."

BitVoyant has been transitioning their sensitive technologies from the government world to the private sector under the leadership of BitVoyant, CEO, Jared Novick. BitVoyant's data sources and global capabilities obtain network information passively from outside company firewalls to derive valuable knowledge. BitVoyant's current clients benefit from its wholly-owned proprietary data libraries derived from its global sensor grid.

"The partnership applies information not previously available to the commercial market. It will allow us to harvest the potential of this data, and deliver value alongside the gold standard in corporate investigations," said Novick. "We are looking forward to rolling out products and services to large enterprise clients and law firms over the next few months."

The K2 Intelligence team of cyber defense experts is comprised of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals with experience managing the most sophisticated and noteworthy investigations. Their competitive advantage is their competence to provide a holistic capability aimed at creating a robust cyber security posture, respond to threats in near real-time, and proactively defend the network.

About K2 Intelligence

K2 Intelligence is an industry-leading investigative, compliance and cyber defense services firm founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Kroll, the originator of the modern corporate investigations industry. Over the last 40 years, Jules, Jeremy, and their teams have built a reputation not only for investigative, analytic and advisory excellence but for the independence and insight they bring to investigations. With offices in New York, London, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Geneva, and Los Angeles, K2 Intelligence advises governments, companies, boards and individuals in business areas including: Complex Investigations & Disputes; Anti Money Laundering and Regulatory Compliance; Construction and Real Estate Project Oversight Monitoring & Compliance; Data Analytics & Visualization; and Cybersecurity Investigations & Defense.

In 2015, American International Group, Inc. (AIG), a leading international insurance organization and the market leader in the underwriting of cyber insurance, endorsed the work of K2 Intelligence by acquiring a minority stake in the firm.

For more information, visit

BitVoyant appoints Jared Novick as CEO

Aug 04, 2015, 09:15 ET from BitVoyant

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BitVoyant LLC, a leading-edge provider of proactive cyber defense solutions, announced today that it has appointed Jared Novick as CEO of the company. Novick comes to BitVoyant from the National Security community with a unique track record in transitioning sensitive technologies from the government world to the private sector. With his experience in managing public-private partnerships, he is the perfect addition to the organization to help bring BitVoyant technology to the commercial market from the government sector.

Novick's initial focus will be on replicating BitVoyant's proprietary platform and suite of capabilities for proactive cyber defense in the commercial world. The technologies will provide the ability for enterprise customers to protect their reputations, brands, intellectual property assets and customers in a unique way.

"I'm delighted to join and lead BitVoyant," said Novick. "We have an exciting opportunity to utilize successful tactics and technologies originally built for government applications in delivering our services and products to commercial clients. Our approach is proven, trusted and forensically sound."

"If you've called an incident response company, you're already behind the ball," says Novick. "You don't stop car accidents by getting a faster ambulance. Current systems and methodologies are designed to prevent breaches using filters, signatures and block lists. All necessary, but not the panacea we all hope for. You can almost guarantee that every enterprise network has already been compromised. If not by outsiders acting along, then with the help of insiders. That's life."

"We believe we have a differentiated cyber defense strategy relative to the competition," said Novick. "We're proactive all the time. We understand the human side as well as the technology side, and we understand the behavior of adversaries. So our systems have been honed to take that behavior into account as we work directly with clients to keep them safe."

Over the next few weeks, BitVoyant will emerge from stealth mode with real world case studies from private sector organizations that have been using the technology under a special license that gave them early access.

About BitVoyant

BitVoyant delivers a proactive cyber defense platform and service to confront industrial espionage and protect clients' reputations, brands, assets and customers. All BitVoyant solutions include Cyber Neighborhood Watch, a service that continuously monitors the Internet for indicators of compromise and evidence of unsanctioned activity indicative of a breach. Cyber Neighborhood Watch is bundled with the BitVoyant platform and reinforces additional company offerings.

BitVoyant's name is comprised of the word "Bit," the computer science measurement of data, and the word "Clairvoyant," which describes the ability to perceive events in the future. True to its name, BitVoyant aims to identify threats ahead of time, and then do something about it.

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