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Pinpoint globally visible cyber threats inside your ecosystem before they impact your business.

Regardless of how robust a company’s network defenses are, most operate cyber blind outside their network boundary, and therefore are still vulnerable to threats introduced by third parties and technology service providers.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and can now impact your entire business ecosystem— not just your network. Companies must recognize that using third party providers does not relieve them of their responsibility to ensure that outsourced activities and operations are conducted in a safe and sound manner. The best Net Defense teams have to be proactive and systematically mitigate cyber threats before their impacts are felt.

net defense

BitVoyant translates your entire business ecosystem into a continuous high-resolution Internet observations map. We enumerate your ecosystem by finding each and every legitimate domain, lookalike domain and public facing IP address associated with your business.

net defense

Our Net Defense Solution pinpoints cyber threats, enumerates actors and enriches threat intelligence outside of your network boundaries.
Our customers are able to:
  • Observe global cyber threat activity that specifically relates to their local business ecosystem.
  • Enrich existing threat intelligence to proactively identify bad actor infrastructure and proactively mitigate risk.
  • Move left of ‘cyber boom’ proactively.

net defense