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Expose risk & vulnerabilities non-invasively of the seller and their ecosystem.

BitVoyant’s cyber M&A due diligence solution provides an unprecedented perspective of a company’s network and technological risk profile before an acquisition. Our reports provide simple, clear and actionable insights that allow decision makers to help determine valuation pre-close, prepare for IT integration, and monitoring of risks post-close.

due diligence solutions

BitVoyant translates both Buyer and Seller ecosystems into a continuous high-resolution Internet observations map.

BitVoyant’s results are achieved passively with no deployed agents or appliances. Our data & methodology is non-invasive and non-discoverable, enabling us to capture only the most genuine and trustworthy findings.

due diligence solutions

Understanding the cyber topography of the seller’s ecosystem is valuable in of itself, but BitVoyant then proactively analyze the larger net-ecosystem for risk & threat to deliver an actionable holistic view.

BitVoyant exposes unknown relationships & activity for a specific company and can pinpoint shifts in a behavior for a given network.

due diligence solutions