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Our mission is to provide unprecedented continuous intelligence to companies about their business ecosystem. We see corporate cyber security concerns and risk management practices rapidly converging outside network firewalls and beyond the visibility of company’s assets.

BitVoyant was built on a foundation of proprietary data, analytical tools and sensors. Our methods are tested and our results are proven. We have an unprecedented view of the relevant business and security interactions within the internet; and with it, we can deliver our clients trusted actionable insights.

Number’s we’re proud of

1 Trillion
Internet Observations Per Day
10 Petabytes
of proprietary data
150 Million
Organizations Mapped

BitVoyant utilizes its proprietary data to provide clients with a high-resolution “outside-in view” of their business ecosystem through our Internet observations.

  • Discover ‘real risk’ in real-time without questionnaires
  • Gain high-resolution threat visibility outside network boundaries
  • Perform non-discoverable cyber due diligence on acquisitions

It’s no longer satisfactory to just protect your company. There is a need to understand business risk and network threats across the entire business ecosystem & lifecycle.